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IST brings multiple scientific disciplines together with state-of-the-art analytical and computer visualization technology to present a clear understanding of site conditions. From this solid platform, we define and vigorously defend conclusions as to cause and effect, timing, risk, and remedial strategy.
BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: IST’s expertise is grounded in practical field experience as well as in theory. Years of budget-conscious sampling, risk assessment, and remedial technology deployment allow IST’s multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers to bring a unique perspective to litigation cases. We are credible because we know the science and engineering, and we are effective because we know how to present our knowledge.

BUDGET CONTROL: IST controls scope and budget within agreed bounds, a rare quality in the litigation profession and a vestige of our site contractor background.

IST’s CLIENT BASE: Historically, most of our clients have been associated with the industrial sector, focusing on petrochemicals and wood products. IST’s staff has also been retained by numerous environmental law firms to defend (including as joint defense experts) and prosecute environmental claims. Many of our major litigation projects are for Fortune 500 clients.
IST has Environmental Forensics Technical Expertise in the Following:
Representative Environmental Forensics and Litigation Clients
Environmental Law Firms

Primary Clients

Environmental forensics
INTEGRATED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, INC. (IST) provides its forensics clients with technical breadth, multidisciplinary analysis, and state-of-the-art presentation skills.