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Integrating our multi-disciplinary staff's expertise and its combined 175 years of experience, IST provides innovative, cost-effective, efficient solutions to environmental issues. We accomplish this in a corporate environment that encourages the firm's employees to develop innovative and pragmatic problem solving. The keyto effective problem solving and project management is communication - communication with our client, regulators, and within our professional team is essential from the onset of the project to its resolution. Over our staff's expansive careers in the environmental field, we have developed and mastered effective communication, both verbally, in electronic presentations, and written reports.
Via integration, IST marries our staff into a project team of experienced professionals, including environmental engineers, remedation specialists, environmental scientists, chemists, biologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, and laboratory and field technicians. We also have developed relationships and affiliations with many specialists over the years and retain them to provide focused expertise to enhance and complement IST's in house expertise.
With Academic credentials ranging from doctoral to bachelor's degrees, our experts provide a complete academic research system along with years of field experience, integrating sophisticated theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

"Team" defines our staff. Key members have worked together for more than 30 years, while most of the others have been part of IST for the majority of their careers. History and shared experience make our staff a true team.
IST's greatest strength: multi-disciplinary perspective

IST's greatest resource: high level staff