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Additional Projects
Site: Former petroleum refinery in Mexico City, Mexico
Environmental Concern: Crude oil and refined petroleum product in soil
IST's Solution:

The team of BASA and Integrated Science & Technology, Inc. (IST) was engaged to perform petroleum hydrocarbon remediation of soil contamination resulting from former refinery site operation. Given that the contamination consisted of crude oil through gasoline range refined product, IST determined that the most efficacious remediation approach would be biodegradation of the heavier fraction as well as a portion of the lighter fraction and soil vapor extraction to address the light fraction.
The Success:

IST was initially given a single parcel to remediate. As a result of the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our approach, when that parcel was remediated to the satisfaction of the Mexican authorities, we were assigned another parcel that another firm was unable to remediate as well as an area with a single monoaromatic compound.